DRIA Nursing Covers- The First All-In-One Nursing Cover

The DRIA Nursing Cover is an all natural, breathable and hypoallergenic all-in-one maternity accessory that provides optimal UV protection for you and your baby.  From a breastfeeding poncho to a car seat & stroller cover – as well as a fashionable shawl, the DRIA Nursing Cover cover truly does it all, in style. If you want only the best for you and your baby, you need the world’s finest nursing cover.

Fashionable Designer Nursing Covers Reinvent Maternity Apparel

The DRIA Cover is available in a variety of beautiful colors and is made out of fabulous 4-way stretch Lenzing Modal fabric, which sets it apart as a premium nursing cover. The DRIA Nursing Cover provides a stylish and fashionable alternative to traditional maternity clothing.  Other maternity apparel requires breastfeeding moms to choose between style and function.  With DRIA Nursing Covers, fashion meets function.

Breastfeeding your child has obvious health benefits and is a natural part of motherhood.  Unfortunately, breastfeeding in public can be inconvenient, and a lack of privacy often makes some mothers feel uncomfortable.  The ability to breastfeed your baby discretely makes a big difference by allowing you to feed your child conveniently and comfortably. DRIA Nursing Covers provide a fashionable means for moms to breastfeed with privacy and ease- anytime, anywhere.  In addition to being a high-quality, fashionable nursing shawl, DRIA Nursing Covers act as a convenient all-in-one maternity accessory by doubling as a car seat cover and stroller cover.

Oslo Nursing Cover by DRIA

Style: Oslo (Striped Nursing Cover)

The Oslo Nursing Cover is a fashionable breastfeeding nursing cover that wears as comfortable as a modern jersey style t-shirt. Our soft and flowy fabric provides a breathable fit and beautiful look. Even long after the maternity and nursing stage has passed, you can continue to wear this fashionably striped top to the beach in sandals and a floppy beach hat or out to dinner as a light cover up with your favorite pair of jeans. The Oslo style DRIA Cover works perfectly for moms with both boys and girls. Be a fashion forward mom in these stylish stripes!  Never goes out of Style!

  • Ultra Soft Four Way Stretch All Natural Modal Fabric
  • Highly Wrinkle Resistant
  • Hand Cut and Sewn Locally For Highest Manufacturing Quality
  • Machine Washable!

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Why Buy a DRIA Nursing Cover


Let’s face it, most nursing covers on the market are just plain frumpy and unattractive. At DRIA Cover, we believe that breastfeeding moms should no longer have to choose between stylish comfort and convenient functionality. Unlike other nursing covers, which scream maternity apparel from a mile away, the DRIA Nursing Cover is chic and stylish. In fact, in addition to being fashionable, the DRIA Cover actually offers greater functionality than its unsightly alternative. The luxurious fabric and stylish colors and patterns make the DRIA Nursing Cover a wardrobe staple- even after the breastfeeding stage.


In addition to being sleek and fashionable, DRIA nursing covers provide superb comfort for both mother and child. The revolutionary 4-way stretch Model Lenzing fabric is soft, plush, and breathable. The flattering cut and comprehensive coverage mean moms don’t have to worry about chafing, tugging, or scratching. As one of the most naturally soft and pliable fabrics on earth, Lenzing Modal Fabric allowed us to develop the ideal full-coverage nursing shawl that enables moms to nurse discreetly without worrying about back or tummy exposure. DRIA Cover’s unique wrinkle-resistant design includes a generous distribution of fabric, so the spontaneous inevitable tugging from your baby will not cause unwanted exposure.


In addition to allowing mothers to breastfeed conveniently and discreetly, DRIA nursing covers are a multi-use maternity accessory. The 4-way stretch fabric allows DRIA Covers to fit easily and securely over any type of stroller or car seat. Exposure to heat, wind, and cold can cause serious health risks for your baby. The all natural, breathable, hypoallergenic fabric provides a defensive barrier that protects your baby from harmful UV rays and other harsh elements. At DRIA, we strive to provide high-quality, fashionable, and functional maternity accessories that make life easier for hardworking moms. This all-in-one maternity accessory truly does it all!


At DRIA Cover, we truly care about the health and happiness of families everywhere. We are committed to having honor and integrity, and we take pride in being an honest, ethical and responsible company dedicated to improving communities and preserving the environment. We demonstrate great care and compassion with every aspect of our designs and the way we conduct our business. All of our products are made with Lenzing Model fabric, which is 100% environmentally friendly. Every DRIA cover is handcrafted locally in San Diego, CA to promote American jobs and ensure quality and consistency. We stand behind every product guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. For your convenience, we provide free shipping throughout the United States with your purchase of $80 or more.

Nursing Covers by DRIA

When it comes to choosing the perfect nursing cover for you and baby, there are three qualities you should look for. First and foremast, the ideal nursing cover must be thoroughly comfortable. You deserve to feel confident and fabulous in whatever you wear- and maternity apparel is no exception.  You should love the style, the look, and the fit, so you feel confident and secure wherever you go.  In addition to comfort, a nursing cover should provide you with versatile functionality and comprehensive cover.  Unlike the competition, DRIA Nursing Covers provide total coverage.  Full coverage of your front and back allows you to feed your baby easily without worrying about unwanted exposure.  The simplicity and ease of use of our nursing covers provide moms with the peace of mind and confidence to breastfeed in any situation.  The four-way-stretch fabric makes our nursing covers truly versatile- they fit easily and securely over any car seat or stroller, shielding your baby from harmful elements.  Last but not least, you want to choose a nursing cover for you and your baby that is safe and responsibly made.  In addition to being hand-stitched in San Diego, CA, DRIA Nursing Covers are made using top-quality, all natural, breathable, and hypoallergenic  Lenzing Modal® fabric.  In addition to being super soft and comfortable, this incredible material provides UV protection for you and your baby.  Your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, so it only makes sense to choose a product that provides maximum safety, comfort, and protection.  We searched tirelessly to find the perfect material for our handcrafted nursing covers, and we are proud to be a truly green, Eco-friendly, and ethically responsible brand that moms can trust.  Produced using a symbiotic production process, Lenzing Modal® fibers are naturally soft and exceptionally ecological.

With a wide variety of  colors and patterns, our nursing covers are perfect for any occasion! Fashionable, comfortable, and functional- the DRIA Cover will become a lasting wardrobe favorite even after the nursing stage.  Take a look at some of our fabulous style options below – they literally go with just about everything!


Just a super product!

I wish I had the DRIA Cover with my first two kids. It has been amazing to have. I use it to nurse, I wear it out at night and can nurse at dinner without causing any uncomfortable stares. It covers everything and it looks so GREAT. I use on all walks to the park and back and my personal favorite feature is how easily it goes over the car seat while we are driving down the 405. I used to use those window screens to keep the sun out while the babies were sleeping. Now, I use the DRIA Cover and she goes right to sleep. No more blind spots from the window screens and I can finally have one cover for all things. Just a super product. Every mom needs one.

Colleen Stewart
Los Angeles, CA

I go nowhere without it.

The DRIA Cover was a baby shower gift from a dear friend and it's been my favorite thing. I don't go anywhere without it. It looks great, feels great and my daughter insists on playing with the patterns while nursing. I just love this thing. It's been really hot this summer and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would have been without my DRIA Cover. Thank you.

Tina Piven
New York, NY

The best thing ever!

I first ordered the Oslo cover and LOVED it so much that I decided to get a second cover. It quickly became part of my wardrobe, car seat cover, quick blanket, stroller cover and of course, nursing cover. The thing I loved the most was that the fabric was soft and stretchy and the cover was long enough that I didn't have to worry about an active baby pulling the cover up for an embarrassing exposure in public. The DRIA Cover is the best thing ever!

Karen McFaddon
Brentwood, CA

Money well spent!!!

I can be very clear about it: I LOVED it!! What an awesome, comfortable, stylish cover! And, it's perfect for my height- I felt covered up and comfortable the whole time while wearing it. During the flight I had my little baby wrapped up underneath it and she slept the whole time (yay!) in her little tent 🙂 I can honestly say that this cover made my trip so much easier and confident! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Money well spent!!

Anna S.
Lee Summit, MO

The perfect cover!

I was looking for something better than my Bebe au Lait cover, because my little girl pulls and exposes me to the world when I use it. I can tuck the corners of the DRIA Cover under me when I nurse my baby so we stay covered. It is very generously sized. Thank you for making a perfect cover!!

Christy N.
San Diego, CA

Top 5 must have products

The Dria cover is definitely the stylish answer to the "nursing cover"..I wore it as a stylish top while pregnant...brought my daughter home from the hospital with her carseat stylishly covered by the Dria cover and have used it everyday in one way or another since the birth of my newborn daughter...definitely my top 5 must have products for new moms whether breastfeeding or not!

Holly Farnell
Shreveport, LA

Super soft fabric.

I had the chance to review the Dria nursing cover. The pattern shown is the new style called Oslo. I am a sucker for stripes-and anything gray! Though I do not typically use nursing covers, I have tried out many and this is, by far, one of my absolute favorites! It wears like a shawl and I like that low-key, yet fashionable look. And don't get me started on how soft the fabric is.. I won't shut up about it!

Sia Cooper
Crestview, FL