“And don’t get me started on how soft the fabric is…”
Sia Cooper, Crestview, FL
I had the chance to review the Dria nursing cover. The pattern shown is the new style called Oslo. I am a sucker for stripes-and anything gray! Though I do not typically use nursing covers, I have tried out many and this is, by far, one of my absolute favorites! It wears like a shawl and I like that low-key, yet fashionable look. And don’t get me started on how soft the fabric is.. I won’t shut up about it!

“Definitely my top 5 must have products”
Holly Farnell, Shreveport, LA
The Dria cover is definitely the stylish answer to the “nursing cover”..I wore it as a stylish top while pregnant…brought my daughter home from the hospital with her carseat stylishly covered by the Dria cover and have used it everyday in one way or another since the birth of my newborn daughter…definitely my top 5 must have products for new moms whether breastfeeding or not!

“Thank you for making a perfect cover!!”
Christy N., San Diego, CA
I was looking for something better than my Bebe au Lait cover, because my little girl pulls and exposes me to the world when I use it. I can tuck the corners of the Dria Cover under me when I nurse my baby so we stay covered. It is very generously sized. Thank you for making a perfect cover!!

“Money well spent!!!”
Anna S., Lee Summit, MO
I can be very clear about it: I LOVED it!! What an awesome, comfortable, stylish cover! And, it’s perfect for my height- I felt covered up and comfortable the whole time while wearing it. During the flight I had my little baby wrapped up underneath it and she slept the whole time (yay!) in her little tent 🙂 I can honestly say that this cover made my trip so much easier and confident! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Money well spent!!

“The DRIA Cover is the best thing ever!”
Karen McFaddon, Brentwood, CA
I first ordered the Oslo cover and LOVED it so much that I decided to get a second cover. It quickly became part of my wardrobe, car seat cover, quick blanket, stroller cover and of course, nursing cover. The thing I loved the most was that the fabric was soft and stretchy and the cover was long enough that I didn’t have to worry about an active baby pulling the cover up for an embarrassing exposure in public.

The DRIA Cover is the best thing ever!

“I don’t go anywhere without it.”
Tina Piven, New York, NY
The DRIA Cover was a baby shower gift from a dear friend and it’s been my favorite thing. I don’t go anywhere without it. It looks great, feels great and my daughter insists on playing with the patterns while nursing. I just love this thing. It’s been really hot this summer and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would have been without my DRIA Cover. Thank you.

“Just a super product. Every mom needs one.”
Colleen Stewart, Los Angeles, CA
I wish I had the DRIA Cover with my first two kids. It has been amazing to have. I use it to nurse, I wear it out at night and can nurse at dinner without causing any uncomfortable stares. It covers everything and it looks so GREAT. I use on all walks to the park and back and my personal favorite feature is how easily it goes over the car seat while we are driving down the 405. I used to use those window screens to keep the sun out while the babies were sleeping. Now, I use the DRIA Cover and she goes right to sleep. No more blind spots from the window screens and I can finally have one cover for all things. Just a super product. Every mom needs one.

“By far the best nursing cover I have ever seen!”
Sarah, Lahaina, HI
By far the best nursing cover I have ever seen! Mahalo.

“The DRIA Cover is a must have!”
Jenna Evans, San Diego, CA
The DRIA Cover is a must have! I did not have one for my first and I was always struggling to gracefully keep myself together under a blanket (which never worked well). With the DRIA Cover, it is so easy. I can nurse without a struggle and I am covered from all angles. I also use it all the time as an extended canopy for my stroller and car seat. It shades my baby completely from the sun and other distractions if he is trying to sleep. There are so many cool patterns and I am always getting compliments from other moms.

“it seems like a very good solution.”
Kate, modernhomemodernbaby.com, CA
One thing they don’t tell you is that nursing necessitates an entire new approach to clothes. Yes, you can wear your old pre-pregnancy clothes when you can fit into them, only you’ll need to be prepared to disrobe come meal time. Or if not disrobe, then strategically uncover. I was just told about this DRIA nursing cover and, I’ve got to say, it seems like a very good solution.

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