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DRIA Pod Navy Blue & Oatmeal Gray Stripe


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The deep navy blue striped DRIA Cover Pod makes for a fashionable nursing poncho, stroller or car seat cover.  Thin alternating oatmeal gray and dark navy blue stripes look fantastic with a variety of different colors especially neutral colors and toned down hues.  In addition to being a fashionable and functional nursing poncho, this specific color blend has the added benefit of providing sensory stimulation for your baby, which is helpful for developmental growth.  The high-contrast between the light and dark tones is often preferable for newborn babies who have trouble distinguishing similar tones.  Unlike many of our competitors who utilize fabric remnants to reduce costs, DRIA product designs and patterns are woven into the fabric itself making them visually identical inside and out.  Whether you are using the DRIA Pod as a nursing cover or as a protective stroller or car seat cover, the high-contrast stripes provide visual stimulation for baby’s growth and development.

All DRIA Pod nursing covers are handcrafted in San Diego, CA and made out of Lenzing Modal – the highest quality, all natural, super soft, lightweight and breathable fabric.  This luxuriously silky fabric is delightfully comfy and cozy- making it the preferred choice for both mom and baby.  Derived from the pulp of the beechwood tree, our Eco-friendly nursing covers provide a truly green alternative to traditional nursing apparel.  In addition to being hypoallergenic, our nursing covers provide optimal UV protection to shield you and your baby from the sun’s harmful rays and other harsh elements such as wind, sand and dirt.

Stylish and easy to use, the DRIA Pod Nursing Cover provides comprehensive, 360° coverage allowing moms to discreetly nurse without worrying about unwanted exposure.  The DRIA Pod easily transforms from a nursing cover to a car seat or stroller cover.  The 4-way stretch fabric allows the DRIA Pod to fit snugly and securely over virtually any car seat or stroller making it a truly all-inclusive maternity accessory.

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Great Nursing Cover
This has been worth every penny. It is so much better than the more traditional style. You just throw it on and have complete coverage that barely even looks like you are nursing. And it folds up tiny for any diaper bag. I’ve also used it to provide shade for my daughter in bright sun.



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