DRIA Cover Founder- Adria O'Donnell

Discovering the footprint for the original nursing cover

The Original Nursing Cover:  Fashion and function with the all-in-one breastfeeding cover

Adria O’Donnell created the original nursing cover (the DRIA Cover) out of a necessity to use a product with both fashion and function while nursing her first born, Quinn, in 2005.

“As a new mom I was struggling to figure out how to be in public and nurse without having to find a quiet place or restroom,” Adria explained. “I wanted to be outside wherever I was, and look nice while I was doing something good for my baby.”

At the time of its creation, there was nothing like the DRIA Cover on the market and Adria created the footprint for the original, versatile nursing cover. She discovered the idea from a piece of clothing similar to a poncho that she used to wear when she was pregnant. “I threw it over my head once and used it because of the stretchy neck hole,” Adria said. “I thought this is good, so I threw it over the car seat and tied the corners into little knots and used the neck hole to look at Quinn.”

She described the other nursing cover products she was using before as ‘itchy, frumpy, and not cool at all.’ Adria realized she was not the only struggling mom in need of a multi-purpose product. “Moms would ask me ‘where did you get that? I need that.’,” Adria said. “Babies come with so much stuff, so I kept thinking I want less stuff. I wanted to do it all with one product, a four-in-one.”

The original nursing cover by DRIA on the runway
Adria modeling the DRIA Cover at the Child and Baby Fashion Show in Las Vegas in 2010.

Finding a garment with quality material was crucial for creating the perfect nursing cover. “I was on the hunt for a material that did not wrinkle, was breathable, moved and flowed, and did not stick to you,” Adria explained. “And that was soft!”

Her quest for the perfect product lead Adria to various fabric shops comparing different materials that were stretchy and flowy but not see-through. “My husband Patrick and I went to fabric stores and bought a bunch of things,” Adria said. “There was a lot of failing until we figured out the right combination and used it until we ran out.”

The perfect material they found? Lenzing ModalⓇ Fabric crafted from the pulp and fiber of the Beechwood tree which comes only from forests that are managed in a sustainable way. Adria also firmly believes in utilizing products made in the United States. She admitted that she could have easily gone elsewhere to design the original nursing cover by DRIA, but decided otherwise. “We found this company owned by a wonderful family in San Diego who could do all of the sewing and another company who could do the cutting,” Adria said. “It was around the time when a lot of jobs were leaving the country and San Diego needed these jobs. Patrick found companies who could make the fabric, cut it, and sew it. The product was 100% American and handcrafted locally!”

She did not want to give up her philosophy of supporting others as a young mom and business owner.  “I think people nowadays understand high quality and sustainability,” Adria explained. “There are people that don’t mind paying extra money for something that they know is thoughtfully made and locally supportive of the environment. They want a product that has a philosophy and is not about trying to just make another buck.”

She acknowledges the most fundamental aspects of the product to be the fabric and functionality of the DRIA Cover. “Honestly, what people tended to gravitate toward is the soft touch of the fabric!” Adria exclaimed. “I wanted something soft, organic, and fashionable that babies love to reach for. I was trying to figure out a way to describe what the product would be by using my name Adria. The initials stand for the point of the product- to be discreet and have something that covers in the front, back, and side. It was a go-to-thing, so it became the discreet, reliable, infant accessory.”


DRIA Cover Founder- Adria O'Donnell
Adria O’Donnell smiling with her two daughters, Quinn and Teagan.

As a mother of two daughters, Adria understands the stress of motherhood especially when being inundated with information and tips on how to do it ‘right’. “New mothers are overwhelmed because there are so many blogs and sources of information,” Adria said. “Moms have so much to worry about especially when finding the right nursing products. I encourage moms to pick one or two most important things they find in a product, whether it’s the quality of the product or the philosophy of the company. Keep it simple, subtle, and thoughtful!”

The original nursing cover by DRIA philosophy exemplifies this idea of supporting one another, even in the simplest form. Whether it’s supporting local companies, mothers, or their newborn baby, the DRIA Cover has all moms covered!


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