Fashionable Full Coverage Nursing Cover

Our full coverage nursing cover is made with the soft and stretchy  Fabric, Lenzing Modal. It is designed for maximum comfort and style all while keeping in mind the functionality and versatility that a nursing mom needs.

DRIA has you covered. Its full coverage design offers you full privacy front and back. We believe you should’t have to worry about being exposed while nursing regardless of you or your babies movements or motions. Just throw it over your neck for full privacy while breastfeeding and focus on nourishing your little one in comfort and peace of mind and even style.

The Lenzing Modal Fabric is the obvious choice for a nursing cover. It’s light weight, breathable, wrinkle free, very stretchable and absolutely the softest. It is translucent but not see through. When used as a car seat cover or stroller cover and even while nursing it is the perfect shield from the elements. Baby will get just the right amount of light but not direct sun, and the breathable fabric will prevent direct wind when it is cold and keep you and baby cool when it is hot.

The DRIA Cover does it all, standing for:
Discrete – Reliable – Infant – Accessory

breastfeeding covers handcrafted in the US
breastfeeding covers made of Lenzing Modal
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