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The All Natural Nursing Cover

Here at DRIA we are committed to being environmentally  friendly. Our nursing covers are made with natural Modal  fabrics and are hand made in San Diego, CA. Our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging which was very carefully chosen to minimize our foot print while still providing that great experience our customers appreciate when they receive their nursing cover in the mail. We wanted to take that one step further and our Trees for the Future pledge is this.

We pledge to donate a tree for every nursing cover sold. Trees for the Future has been planting
millions of trees across the globe since 1989. Their efforts continue to make the planet greener
and change lives.

We thank everyone who celebrates a Green Earth with us and has purchased a Dria Cover
breastfeeding poncho.

The Dria Cover is a earth friendly and all natural nursing cover. The information below explains why mother nature loves our maternity cover and was obtained from ( Don’t forget to check out our latest styles!

breastfeeding covers made of Lenzing Modal

Natural growth

Raw material beech wood

The way that beech trees grow is something truly special. They multiply by “rejuvenation” which means that the trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Thus beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material. More than half of the wood used at Lenzing comes locally from Austria and the remainder is from neighboring countries. Beechwood from forests which apply prevailing forestry legislation and sustainable methods is used exclusively.


Beechwood from sustainable forestry plantations.


Multiplication of stock due to rejuvenation.


More than half of the wood used comes locally from Austria.