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55 Photos That Capture Single Motherhood: The Challenges And The Joy.

According to a recent Pew Research Center Report, 34 percent of kids today live with an unmarried parent (up from 9 percent in 1960).

Tasha Nash, a single mom told the Huffington Post about a few obstacles and how she overcame them during the early stages of Motherhood. “Overcompensating by coaching sports you have never played, going on every field trip, taking them to endless activities, saving up for a year so they can have a birthday party and attempting to make it all look natural to them. Understanding that you don’t have the choice to give up regardless of the daunting void you feel, or the immeasurable odds seemingly against you.”

Single parenting, at the same time brings unparalleled joy. “It means the privilege of being the one who always gets to hold her hand,” added mom Bethany Gibson.

Below are images that the Huffington Post asked their community following to share that represent single parenting, and to tell the Post what the experience means to each of them personally.

The captions have been edited and condensed.


To view the full gallery visit this link: http://huff.to/160cvDq


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