Use DRIA Nursing Cover as a Baby Car Seat Cover

Hypoallergenic & Breathable Car Seat Cover that Provide Optimal UV Protection

DRIA Nursing Covers are the ultimate multi-use maternity accessory.  The DRIA Nursing Cover acts as the perfect car set cover or stroller cover to protect your baby from the sun’s UV rays and other harsh elements.  The organic, breathable, hypoallergenic material is soft and snuggly for your baby.  In addition to providing comfort and safety for your baby, DRIA Nursing Covers provide optimal UV protection making them an ideal choice for a car seat cover or stroller cover.

Fits any car seat or stroller!

The four-way stretch fabric provides true versatility allowing the DRIA Breastfeeding Cover to fit securely over any car seat or stroller.  Simply throw your DRIA Cover over any car seat or stroller and tie the ends into loose knots. The neck opening allows you to grip the handle safely. DRIA Nursing Covers are the perfect multi-use maternity accessory and are perfect for any outing.  At DRIA, we promote fashionable functionality.  They can be conveniently worn or packed for easy accessibility.  Our car seat covers are perfect to take with you while grocery shopping, running errands or just out for a walk.  Keep your baby safe, comfortable and protected everywhere you go!

Designer stroller & car seat covers

The all-in-one DRIA Nursing Cover is available in a wide variety of beautiful high-end prints and fabrics including several limited designer patterns from labels such as Theory, Cavailli, and Missoni.  These beautiful designer prints and patterns look fabulous on any car seat or stroller!

DRIA Nursing Covers are meant to make life a little easier for busy moms who demand the best for themselves and their baby.  At DRIA, we believe moms shouldn’t have to choose between fashion and function.  Our stylish, handcrafted and locally made products are made out of the highest quality organic fabric. Their fashionable design and diverse functionality make them the ideal maternity accessory.  Whether acting as a fashionable poncho, comfortable nursing cover, car seat cover, or stroller cover, the DRIA Breastfeeding Cover is truly one of a kind.  Check out our wide selection of fashionable nursing cover styles.

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