“Hi I’m Adria and I’m here to tell you how to use the DRIA Cover, which will be your next favorite baby product. D.R.I.A. stands for Discreet, Reliable, Infant, Accessory and I made this when I was pregnant. I thought it would be a really nice fashion accessory. It covers front and back. I’m not pregnant, so you can wear it any time, before or after baby. But it’s real purpose is to be a four in one. A fashion accessory one. Two it’s a nursing cover. Other nursing covers don’t breath, they don’t stretch and baby gets hot and you get hot. The neck hole allows you full privacy, the back side is covered, so you don’t have to worry about bras and back showing during nursing. You’ll have full discretion in public while nursing. When you are done, it goes over every car seat and the four way stretch material ends can be tied into loose knots and can be tied to any shape, model or size of your infant car seat. The baby gets a little bit of light but not direct sun and you can peek in and see if they’re sleeping. Next thing it does is it serves as a stroller cover. In this example it’s a jogger but it works with strollers as well. It goes on every one because of the four way stretch.  The ends are tied anywhere you’d like. You can peek in, hand some Cheerios and baby takes a nap. And the best thing is when you’re done it rolls up in a ball, it fits in your purse and you have less stuff. You have diaper, baby, DRIA cover and you are ready to go.”

– Adria O’Donnell

Founder of DRIA Cover


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