Helpful Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public


If you forget your DRIA Nursing Cover at home, no need to panic! Here are a few helpful tips for nursing in public without a nursing cover:


  • Try and pack clothes that are loose, they allow easier access to your breast – A shirt that buttons down the front can be unbuttoned from the bottom to nurse or unbuttoned from the top to avoid the fabric touching your baby’s face.


  • Choose an easy access bra – Sports bras can offer easier access to the nipple than a clasp bra. Instead of having to undo a snap or fastening, you just simply lift the sports bra up or pull it down under their breasts.


  • Use a blanket or restaurant napkin – Wrap it around your shoulders to cover anything you prefer not to have exposed to the public.


  • Use a women’s lounge or dressing room, if available – This allows you to breastfeed in a private, quiet setting during those times you didn’t bring your nursing cover.


  • A Sling – If you have a sling for your baby, it doubles perfectly as an extremely discreet place to nurse your child in public. Most people will just think your baby is sleeping!


  • Feed before the storm – Don’t let your baby get so hungry that they begin to fuss and cry. It is much easier and less stressful to nurse discreetly in public when you and your baby are both calm, especially without a nursing cover!


Forgetting your nursing cover on outings can be tough if you are uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public, but with these helpful tips, breastfeeding in public without your nursing cover is sure to be a breeze!


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