A Fashionable Nursing Poncho Finally Exists!

In addition to providing maximum comfort and functionality, the DRIA Nursing Cover is a stylish fashion accessory.  Most nursing covers lack shape and appear frumpy.  At DRIA, we don’t think moms should have to choose between fashion and function, so we set out to design a fashionable nursing poncho that looks and feels great! Usually, it is blatantly obvious when someone is wearing maternity apparel.  However, our stylish nursing ponchos are deceptively chic and fashionable.  The organic, breathable, and hypoallergenic Lenzing Modal fabric is naturally light and soft, and the 4-way stretch fabric prevents our nursing ponchos from ever losing shape.  Moms are always on the go, so our nursing poncho is conveniently wrinkle resistant-  you can toss it in a purse or diaper bag without worrying about wrinkles.  In addition to a wide selection of colors and patterns, we offer a beautiful selection of designer prints including Missoni and Cavailli.  The DRIA nursing poncho is perfect for selective moms who want only the best for themselves and their baby! Our designer nursing ponchos are a wardrobe staple for breastfeeding moms and a stylish fashion accessory even after the nursing stage.

Not only is the DRIA Cover nursing poncho a fashionable addition to any mom’s wardrobe, but it actually provides greater functionality than less attractive alternatives.  In addition to being truly green and hypoallergenic, our nursing poncho provides UV protection to protect you and your baby from the sun’s harmful rays.  Despite its stylish design, the DRIA nursing poncho provides full front and back coverage, allowing moms to concentrate solely on breastfeeding without having to worry about any unwanted exposure.

Besides being a fashionable poncho, the Dria Cover will make a wonderful Nursing Cover, Car Seat Cover and Stroller Cover.

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