High Fashion Poncho: The New DRIA

It is time to start seeing the DRIA Cover in a whole new light! This high fashion poncho is just what you’re looking for this summer to spice up your day and nightlife!

Who says that moms can’t feel sexy in fashionable, high- end clothes because something as trivial as baby spit factors into their daily lives?

Whether you are expecting, still in the process of trying to get that last bit of baby fat off of you, or you have completely blossomed and escaped the grips of your “mommy cocoon” in time for the summer, the DRIA Cover offers a unique versatility that you may not have even considered yet….


Hit The Beach

As summer is rapidly approaching, we love that this beautiful poncho functions as a stunning cover for the beach to pair with your cutest two piece and some fun, strappy sandals! The quality of the fabric will not suffer the effects of the sand so it even works as a towel or wrap to dry off after hitting the waves.

beach DRIA

And we absolutely adore the tie-die prints for these occasions like Avalon, Laguna, Dublin and Venice; they are just too perfect for the beach not to rock!

The DRIA Cover’s options on a sunny day are more than perfect for women with and without children; so it’s fun in the sun for everyone!

beach DRIA 2


Date Night Out

The fashionable poncho has always been an important staple in fashion since the early 60’s and always looks great with a cute pair of jeans and high boots.

One of the great things about the different patterns from the DRIA cover collection is that they all go well with a great pair or dark or light jeans and either flats, heals or boots; your choice!

solana DRIA


We would preferably match the darker, solid prints with a darker jean like the Milano, Solana (above) and Brussels or, everyone’s favorite, the white and gray, striped Oslo!

Can you just imagine a high- knee black boot pairing to sport with your hubby on your night out on the town?


Chic Inspiration

Now that we have given you some options to sport this stunning product outside of its stroller, carseat and breastfeeding benefits, we would love to see what you choose to do with it!

Submit pictures of your sexy selves wearing this incredibly beautiful quality product on our Facebook and inspire others just as we have set out to inspire you!

We cannot wait to hear from you and see what incredible outfits you come up with!