DRIA Customer Christy Savage

DRIA Nursing Cover- Interview Series

Interview Series on the DRIA Breastfeeding Cover

We decided to ask our DRIA Cover moms why they chose to breastfeed and how the DRIA Cover has helped them through the process. As advocates of breastfeeding, we believe it is important to give a voice to our customers and why they support breastfeeding. Over the next few weeks we will be interviewing breastfeeding moms who use the DRIA Cover as their breastfeeding cover of choice.

 First Interview- Christy Savage

Our first interview is with Christy Savage from Cody, Wyoming. Christy is a mother of two and she is the proud owner of two DRIA Covers: Brussels and Venice Style. Her main purpose for purchasing a DRIA Cover was to be able to breastfeed in public with a multi-functional nursing cover that was actually stylish rather than just a cover-up.

Why did Christy choose the DRIA Cover?

Christy wanted a cover that allowed her to nurse in public. Christy liked the way DRIA Cover looks, the fabric choice that does not wrinkle and the fact that DRIA Cover actually also works well for a carseat. She also advocated for the fact that it is made in the USA, making the DRIA Cover worth the investment for its versatility in quality, color, style and function. She also liked that it is so versatile and she can use it for all the seasons.

Why did Christy decide to breastfeed her baby versus other options?

Christy says that “breastfeeding has the most benefits for [herself] and for [her] family and for the health of [her] baby because it is the best form of nutrition for the baby, it is convenient, and it’s free!” The more research she did about breastfeeding, the more she saw that it best promoted the health of her child. She also loved that it “helped with bonding” with her babies.

DRIA Cover moms believe that breastfeeding is the most beneficial option for them and their families for the same reasons. Breastfeeding is a natural process that feels right for both them and for their newborn.

What has been Christy’s most challenging part of nursing and how she learned to overcome those obstacles…

Being able to nurse when I needed to was the biggest challenge for me. Having a breastfeeding cover like the DRIA Cover is very helpful when you are out and about and you can take care of nursing no matter where you are.

How has the DRIA Cover contributed to Christy’s motherhood experience?

I absolutely love it. DRIA Cover has helped me feel more confident. I literally use it for everything. It has made nursing easier, it keeps the babies in the shade on stroller rides, and it even catches spit before it goes on my shirt. DRIA Cover is one of the top 10 things I recommend to my friends who are expecting. The DRIA Cover makes a great baby shower gift idea.


Christy does not feel worried about breastfeeding in public anymore. She has found a nursing poncho that allows her to look stylish, while having an optimal breastfeeding experience for her baby but also for herself. She even bought a second DRIA Cover one after the birth of her second child. In DRIA Cover, Christy found a multi-functioning nursing cover that is both stylish and allows her to nurse in public, stress-free and sweat-free!

Thank you, Christy, for sharing your DRIA Cover experience with us.

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