DRIA Nursing Cover- Interview Series

Interview Series on the DRIA Breastfeeding Cover

We hope you enjoyed last week’s interview with Ashley. Over the last few weeks, we have been interviewing breastfeeding moms who use the DRIA Cover as their breastfeeding cover of choice. We decided to ask our DRIA Cover moms why they chose to breastfeed and how the DRIA Nursing Cover has helped them through the process. As advocates of breastfeeding, we recognize the importance of giving a voice to our customers and why they support breastfeeding.

Third Interview- Anna Fee

This week’s interview is with Anna Fee. Anna loves the multi-purpose use of DRIA Cover. She can quickly go from using it as a nursing cover to a car seat cover. When she is done using it, she doesn’t have to worry about it wrinkling in her purse. Anna is the owner of the Oslo DRIA Nursing Cover. Here is what Anna has to say:

What was your main purpose for purchasing a DRIA Nursing Cover?

I was looking for a multi-functional nursing cover. I wanted more than just a coverup. DRIA is a stylish cover that I can wear out with a lot of different outfits. It gives me the flexibility to either dress it up or dress it down

DRIA Cover’s Lenzing Modal fabric and poncho design makes it a stylish cover-up that is comfortable, but also multi-purpose.

Why did you choose DRIA Cover over other nursing covers?

I liked that it functions as a car seat cover and that it does not wrinkle even when I shove it in my purse or bag. The breathable material makes it comfortable to wear and nurse in. I chose the gray cover because it is so versatile and I can wear it with any outfit.

What makes DRIA Cover worth the investment?

It’s just a great product. I did a TON of research. I am very type A and I approached my pregnancy the same way I do everything, with loads of research and preparation. After reading, I quickly discovered that DRIA Cover was simply the best product for what I was looking for. It allowed me to have a product that was stylish, but also multi-purpose as a nursing cover, car seat cover, and more. 

Do you believe that it is important for moms to breastfeed? Why?

If it is at all possible for the mother to breastfeed her child, then yes, I do believe it is important. The more I read and research about breastfeeding, the more I see that it best promotes the health of my child.


If you are like Anna and love to do your research before committing to a product, you will not be disappointed in the DRIA Cover reviews. These reviews are from customers who have used the product and love what it does, what it stands for, the comfort and versatility of the product, and more. DRIA Cover was made to make life a little simpler, more comfortable and stress-free for hard-working, on-the-go mothers, while ensuring that their baby is getting the best nutrition they can get.

Thank you for your responses, Anna! At DRIA Cover, our hope is to make the motherhood experience easier. We believe that discussion and communication is important to motherhood.

If you have a DRIA Cover story that you would like to share on our blog, please contact us at info@driacover.com.

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