DRIA Cover Giveaway!

We are doing limited giveaways for the DRIA Nursing Cover and would like to invite you to enter for a chance to win! We are going to be giving away 2 of our limited edition DRIA Nursing Covers at random to our twitter followers. Once we reach 500 followers, the winners will be announced! Tweet with the below tweet button and follow @driacover and automatically be entered to win!


Also please submit a comment below with your best resource for new moms and to let us know you have followed us on twitter — we will follow you back! Current followers are already entered (just tweet the contest)!

The DRIA Cover is a fashionable nursing cover that doubles as a car seat cover and stroller cover to keep baby cool and covered while on the go — and also keeps you looking stylish too! To learn more about the DRIA Cover, please visit this page.


Please post your best mom resource below. Thanks and good luck!!

6 thoughts on “DRIA Cover Giveaway!

  1. Rachel S. says:

    I just learned about your fantastic 4-in-1 covers. Wow! This would be ideal for my 2nd on the way. Stylish and functional. I don’t have Twitter but I will definitely be chatting about these covers to my friends. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    I wish I had a twitter so I could follow you! This cover is amazing! 🙂 My greatest mom resources right now are my own mom, and the internet! 😀 If I have a question or want to know how to do something one or the other can help!:)

  3. sarah peters says:

    i’d love to win one of these as i’m pregnant with my fourth!! the grey and white stripe would be a great maternity wear as well! i think covers like this one empower women to nurse longer bc they can do so in public but still be discreet (and highly fashionable!). i’d say my greatest mom resource is just asking lots of questions to moms who have gone before you–if you admire something about them–just ask them about it! i’ve found, they are always more than happy to share wisdom gained!

  4. Lynette says:

    I just found you by googling “nursing ponchos.” I love your product! Hoping I win one! A good resource for new moms is babycenter.com. I use that website a lot!

  5. patti obrien says:

    Found your product today via pinterest. Very intrigued by it. I’m now following you on Twitter. New moms might want to check out CoolMomPicks. They give a lot of good tips on baby gear and kid stuff. Also PSI is a great resource if you think you might be dealing with postpartum depression/anxiety.

  6. Katie says:

    Would love to win a Dria cover! As a first time mom expecting in March, I’d have to say that your best resource is the women around you! Always ask questions 🙂

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