DRIA Cover Bursts the Limitations of Breastfeeding

DRIA Cover Bursts the Limitations of Breastfeeding

Price can always be a sensitive thing. You may think, $79.95 for a nursing cover, oh my; but that’s just it, the DRIA Nursing Cover is not just a nursing cover. Here at DRIA, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. One way we do that, is by creating a locally made product with the best material out there for you and your baby.

When you purchase a DRIA Nursing Cover, you are not just buying a nursing cover, you are essentially buying a creative canvas where what you want is what your DRIA Nursing Cover becomes. The DRIA Cover has the ability to become what you make it.

The possibilities with your DRIA Cover are not just confined to an amazing nursing cover that doubles as a car seat and stroller cover, they are endless.

Here are some of the ways our satisfied customers let their imaginations take over with their DRIA Cover.

  • “I left my DRIA Nursing Cover on when I put my baby in the carrier, because I realized it would protect my shirt from spit up” – Ilana Wiles at Alpha Mom
  • “This is my go-to cover for travel as it packs small and light, can do double duty as a light blanket or car seat sun/sleep cover for an infant and even a swimsuit cover on vacation—one less thing to pack” – Swedishchef; Amazon reviewer
  • “I’ve used it in the bathroom as a changing pad, as a blanket, and also a carrier cover while she’s sleeping” – Grace; Amazon Reviewer
  • “I’ve also found it a great cover when pumping at work” – Emily; Amazon Reviewer

As you can see, these creative moms made their DRIA Nursing Covers more than they expected. Not only did they get a nursing cover, stylish new top, and both a car seat and stroller cover, they also got a;

  • Light Blanket
  • Swim suit Coverup
  • Changing Pad
  • Pumping Cover
  • Full Coverage Spit up Rag

Let your imagination determine what your DRIA Nursing Cover can really be!

One innovative mom got super creative and turned her DRIA Cover into a product that not only benefits her nursing babies but also her older ones as well.

  • Maytal at The Mama Maven turned her DRIA Nursing Cover into, “A cape for pretend play” by tying a not in the front and into, “A makeshift tent” by putting her DRIA Cover over a kid-size table.

While the DRIA Nursing Cover is a perfect nursing cover for you and your baby, with its unbelievable comfort, stylish and chic look, full coverage design, and all-natural fabric; the versatility within the nursing cover is unlike anything else.

With DRIA, you aren’t just buying a nursing cover, you’re buying a product that doesn’t confine you. It doesn’t confine you within its fabric and it doesn’t confine you to use it solely as a nursing cover.

With DRIA Nursing Cover, the possibilities are endless.

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