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Breatfeeding Cover Styles

DRIA Breastfeeding Covers provide full-coverage comfort mixed with elegance and style. Our versatile, nursing cover comes in multiple styles and designs including solids, stripes, and tie-dye colors. Whether you need privacy while taking a quick break to feed your baby or just enjoying the nice weather outside and need a breathable, fabric barrier for the stroller – we’ve got you covered! Enjoy the comfort of our all-in-one maternity accessory that will have you feeling fashionable at all times.

What are DRIA Covers?

breastfeeding coverNo more running to the bathroom, hiding in the car or worrying about overly curious onlookers. DRIA, or Discreet, Reliable, Infant Accessory, is the chic breastfeeding cover you have been searching for all along!

For the modern mother, two things are particularly important – comfort and convenience. That is precisely what DRIA Breastfeeding Cover ponchos are designed to provide. The low fiber rigidity and cross-section of Lenzing Modal® in our merchandise has proven to be twice as soft as cotton – naturally. Together, with the super soft Modal® fabric and a purposeful and functional design, you will experience nothing short of bliss when wearing a DRIA product.

Furthermore, our covers are not solely intended for wear – they are also meant to serve as a stroller and/or car seat cover. We believe mothers already have enough stress weighing on them, why on earth should something as important as feeding your baby cause added difficulty? Now, you can look chic, waste no time, and feed your baby without needing to worry where you are situated.

Better yet, we even raise the bar further. We do not let our products functionality limit the fashionability one bit! Coming in a variety of styles, with DRIA Cover, you truly can access the best of both worlds, sacrificing nothing. Read more breastfeeding tips by clicking here.

Our Commitment to Natural and Sustainable Products

breastfeeding covers made of Lenzing ModalLenzing Modal® Fabric is a breathable, four-way stretch fabric with a superior wrinkle and shrink resistance. The fiber Modal® is crafted from is collected through a sustainable and renewable process from Beechwood trees. More so, the entire production process remains carbon-neutral and energy self-sufficient, meaning the production has no detrimental effect on the environment. Our commitment to sustainability puts DRIA Cover at the forefront of greenness in maternity clothing.

breastfeeding covers handcrafted in the USYou also will never find a tag saying our cover for breastfeeding were made anywhere other than in the USA. All our ponchos are handcrafted and sewn locally in San Diego, California. This can ensure you receive only the highest quality clothing and can know your money is being spent ethically.

Available Styles

Our cover for breastfeeding come as a versatile poncho style serving for both casual and dressy occasions. We offer a variety of designs and prints including fashionably neutral colors, peppy tie-dyes, and sleek stripes. The case for all of our products is that they are perfect to wear out even after the maternity stage has ended.

Each one is locally hand-cut and sewn, made from the finest quality fabric, wrinkle resistant, and, perhaps most importantly, machine washable. No fancy washing techniques are required for our ponchos because, after all, that eliminates convenience!

Our styles include:

The Oslo is an exceptionally comfortable striped jersey t-shirt style design.

We also offer chic solid neutral covers in Milano Black, Solano Sand, and Brussels Brown.

Lastly, for a more bold print, we have four tie-dye designs. Every single one hand dyed, meaning that each tie-dyed poncho is unique.

There is the Venice Midnight Blue cover, with hints of copper toned ribbons.

A soft Dublin Green perfect for jeans and a nice walk on the beach or boardwalk.

Lastly, there are the bold Laguna Navy Blue, and Avalon Royal Blue if you would like a pleasantly coastal fashion statement.


all natural breastfeeding coversAll DRIA Cover products are crafted with the mother’s absolute comfort in mind. We strive for the finest quality and highest customer satisfaction. With our breastfeeding covers, we aim to tremendously improve the quality of the wearer’s life – as well as their babies!

Whether you are a mother, soon-to-be mother, or friend of one of the two, DRIA breastfeeding covers is a perfect maternity clothing item all around. Purchase with us and support USA jobs, ethical sourcing, the highest standards of merchandise.