Benefits of Using a Nursing Cover While Breastfeeding

A nursing cover is one way to help make breastfeeding in public feel more comfortable and private. This maternity accessory is a lightweight piece of fabric, such as the DRIA Nursing Cover, with openings for your head and sides, giving it the ability to just slips right on like a poncho. A nursing cover does not interfere with the baby’s breastfeeding or breathing and allows complete and total coverage from the outside. With a nursing cover, especially one like DRIA, never have to worry about being uncovered. Here are a few ways you can benefit from a nursing cover:


Nursing covers allow mothers to breastfeed discreetly whenever & wherever they need to.

Many women and moms do not want to be confined to a home when raising their children. And often, it can be hard, when out in public, to find a private place to nurse. Breastfeeding out in the open, around big crowds of strangers is needless to say, not very comfortable for most women. A nursing cover puts an end to the struggle of breastfeeding out in public while benefiting both you AND your baby. A nursing cover hides both you and your child from surrounding crowds, making the breastfeeding process more comfortable and convenient, even in the most public of places.


A nursing cover allows the baby to nurse freely without any distractions.

Aside from it being a hassle to find a private place to nurse in public without any coverage, it is also inconvenient to breastfeed in public when children are easily distracted. The crowds and uncomfortable feeling mother’s get, breastfeeding in public, both serve as distractions that prevent children from nursing well without a nursing cover. By breastfeeding with a nursing cover, this distraction is eliminated. Your baby will no longer be able to stop breastfeeding in order to observe all that is going on around them, or because they can sense the uncomfortableness of their mother.


Nursing covers are multipurpose.

Whether or not your nursing cover doubles as a car seat/stroller cover, it is still an amazing revolution to breastfeeding but why not get more! Many nursing covers now double as both a breastfeeding cover and a car seat/stroller cover. These multi-use maternity accessories allow for breastfeeding with ease and protection against the sun’s UV rays and other harsh elements.

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