DRIA: The American- Made Product Just For You

Happy Fourth!

The fourth is almost here and we wanted to take the opportunity to brag a bit about our American- made DRIA Cover product.

With thousands of commercial brands taking advantage of the convenient and cheap outsourcing from China and other countries, we are more than proud to own the fact that DRIA is not only AMERICAN MADE, but even locally within the beautiful city of San Diego.

On so many levels DRIA exceeds quality expectations that countless brands cannot even touch in terms of tangibility; long- lasting, soft fabric, but most importantly hand- crafted utilizing one of the safest and most comfortable goods on the market.

Lenzing Modal

Introducing Lenzing Modal- formulated with beechwood tree pulp and fibers, this material tells a positive story from beginning to end. Originating from only sustainable forest environments, the carbon- neutral production of the fabric actually generates recoverable energy.

Judging from its impressive back story, you can guess that Modal is just as soft and smooth as silk, beyond breathable, shrink resistant and very durable for mommy wear and tear; which makes it the perfect choice for the DRIA Cover.

Hand-crafted With Love

Did we mention hand-stitched? All of our DRIA Covers are hand- crafted and stitched locally which really sets us apart in terms of dedication, quality and convenience; especially in the realm of breastfeeding covers.

After all, isn’t there just something comforting about knowing where your product comes from and understanding the pure intentions all the way from the production to the feel of it? Only in America.

From all of us here at DRIA, have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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