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The All-In-One, Fashionable Nursing Cover

The DRIA Cover is no ordinary poncho, but a multi-purpose, fashionable wear for all women! This exceptionally versatile garment will allow you to confidently nurse your baby with its stylish prints and practical form. Although its purpose not only serves as a fashionable nursing cover and comfy cover up, it also transforms into a workable car seat and stroller cover. DRIA stands for Discreet, Reliable, Infant Accessory, and is the original nursing cover product that provides convenience, comfortability, and chic style.


This all-in-one maternity accessory serves as a nursing cover, car seat cover, and stroller cover as well as a soft, comfy swaddle blanket for your baby. The DRIA covers front and back for full discretion while nursing. The ends of this four-way stretch material can be tied into loose knots for any shape, model, or size of your infant car seat and stroller. The organic fabric provides a breathable barrier to protect your baby from the elements and has a neck hole so you can check on your baby. Our company values long-lasting products that function in a variety of ways, and it is an essential part of the DRIA Nursing Cover.

Lenzing Modal nursing cover

The DRIA Cover is the premium, quality garment handcrafted with the softest, lightest, most comfortable fabric, Modal®. This breathable, four-way stretch fabric is highly wrinkle and shrink resistant. Modal® fabric is crafted from the pulp and fiber of the Beechwood tree which comes only from forests which are managed in a sustainable way. The production itself generates recoverable energy through the reusable materials contained in wood. In fact, pulp production for this magnificent fabric is entirely energy self-sufficient and the whole process itself is completely carbon neutral, making it a truly green product in the maternity clothes department.

Nursing covers handcrafted in the US

These nursing tops are some of the softest, most plush items of maternity apparel handmade in the United States. All of our DRIA Covers are hand cut and sewn locally in San Diego, California to ensure the highest measure of manufacturing quality.


The DRIA Cover is the trendy cover up that can be worn for any casual or classy occasion. The luxurious quality of the material will have you feeling cozy and chic, even when you are not nursing. This fashionable and functional product comes in a variety of colors and prints giving you a stylish and elegant look. Enjoy everyday with the world’s finest nursing cover.

DRIA has your back covered, literally!