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5 Self-Care and Wellness Tips for Busy Moms

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important for us to take a moment and assess our health and behaviors. As busy moms, we’re always putting our family and the well-being of others first. According to the National Cancer Institute, sufferers of psychological stress can lead to weakened immune systems and other health problems. The time to start making yourself a priority is now. Here are 5 tips for busy moms to help alleviate daily stress and improve their quality of lives:

1. Take More Breaks
If you’re a working or stay at home mom, it’s important to schedule regular breaks for yourself to take a moment and decompress. This may sound impossible but carving out an extra 5-10 minutes is a necessity for your well-being. Go into your room or office and close the door for a few minutes every day and let everyone know not to disturb you.

2. Eat & Exercise Regularly
We all get a little cranky when we haven’t had anything to eat in a while or a chance to wind down from a busy day. Pack several small snacks that are healthy and nutritious that you can enjoy throughout the day. You don’t need to limit yourself to only fruit as veggies as there several quick snacks and meals available that packed with essential nutrients that actually taste good. Physical activity is also known to reduce stress. Go on a quick walk outside and pretend like you have to run out to your car for something – any exercise helps.

3. Ask for Help
We all want to be supermoms but even fictional superheroes are armed with a league or team of allies. For most of us, this is often the root of the problem. We get overwhelmed and learn not to rely on anyone else because “nobody does it as good as we do.” In reality, this can cause a lot more stress not only on you but also those around you. Surround yourself with a helpers and empower your family to do for themselves. We have to admit that we just can’t be everywhere at the same time. This is called being “human” and no one can fault you for that.

4. Know Your Limits
This is closely related to our #3 tip but deserves its own mention. Do not under any circumstances over obligate yourself to others. You already go above and beyond for everyone and forget to take time for yourself. Learn to say “no” more to others and “yes” more to yourself. Being selfish and getting some much deserved rest isn’t bad as it’s better for your overall health and well-being.

5. Stay Connected
Friends and relatives are often replaced by our core family. Losing these deep connections with others prevents us from letting our hair down and enjoying some laughs. Remember these people love you and the extensions of you and are willing to accommodate the “mommy” you just as much as the “single” you.

As the holidays approach, remember these simple self-care tips as it can easily become a very exhausting and stressful time of year for most. Enjoy each moment and don’t place so much pressure on yourself. Love, laugh, and be healthy!

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