Breastfeeding in Public

4 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public | Selecting The Right Nursing Cover

Going out with your exclusively breastfed baby for the first time? Then you’re probably feeling a bit nervous about what to do once it’s feeding time for your baby. That’s understandable considering how breastfeeding in public can be quite daunting when you’re first starting out. But as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time, you should be able to handle the task just fine. To gain some helpful information in regards to breastfeeding in public, check out the four tips below.

Enjoy the Simplicity

Choosing to breastfeed when out and about isn’t just good for the baby. It’s also really convenient for you. With your baby feeding directly from the source, you won’t need to bring along bottles of expressed milk. This makes prepping for going out a lot less time consuming. Plus it frees up space in the diaper bag for all of the other things that you’re going to need to bring for the baby.

No Need to Feel Self-Conscious

The thing that can often deter moms from breastfeeding in public is feeling self-conscious about having their top exposed. However, you shouldn’t allow such a fear to stop you from feeding your baby in the most nourishing way. It’s actually quite easy to be discreet while breastfeeding with a good nursing cover.

Select a full Coverage Nursing Cover

The biggest problem with a majority of the nursing covers out on the market today lies in the fact that they look like nursing covers. They make it easy for everyone around you to be able to tell that you are actively nursing your baby, and that might make you feel a bit awkward. To prevent this from happening, you’ll want to use a full coverage nursing cover that actually looks like a fashionable top. Not only will this draw less attention towards you and your baby, but it will also make it possible for you to continue wearing the nursing cover as a shirt long after your baby has weaned from the breast.

Fabric Choice Matters

When choosing your nursing cover, remember to consider the type of fabric used. It’s preferable to select a fabric that’s breathable in order to keep your baby from getting too hot while nursing. Also, you’ll want to choose a cover made with fabric that’s actually soft to the touch and has a high elasticity percentage. It will help to make the nursing experience more comfortable for both you and your baby all while remaining discreet.

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