Stroller Cover

Dria Cover can be used as a Stroller Cover

Toss the DRIA Cover over the top of your stroller. Adjust the neck opening so you can sneak a peak. Tie the corners in loose knots. The material allows air to move freely through. Subtle light will come in. Dria Cover offers the full package as a Nursing Cover, Fashionable Poncho, Car Seat Cover, and Stroller Cover.

  • Oslo Style

    Oslo Style ($79.95)

    The Oslo cover is the yummiest and softest cover we make. It wears like a modern jersey style t-shirt and the stripes add wonderful style to any outfit. Long after nursing is over and baby is grown, you'll wear the Oslo cover to the beach in flip flops and large beach hat, making fashion waves along the shores. Good for moms with both boys and girls.

  • Newport Style

    Newport Style ($79.95)

    Out latest and arguably most stylish cover yet. The Newport is made from the same ultra-soft jersey material as our ever-popular Oslo Style though is ever so slightly heavier. The simple, yet striking, pattern will be worn long after breast feeding is over and its deep navy blue coloring is quickly making it a favorite for mothers with baby boys.

  • Dublin Style

    Dublin Style ($129.95)

    The Dublin Cover is the newest addition to our great product line and it truly follows the DRIA tradition of comfort, style and versatility. Dublin is extremely soft, stretchy and breathable. Crafted from top-quality four-way stretch material, the mild tie-dye style design truly goes with anything and will quickly become a mainstay in your diaper bag and even your closet as well. Dublin is now in stock and shipping immediately!

  • Solana Style

    Solana Style ($79.95)

    The Solana Nursing Cover is the perfect cover for summer. Have fun in the sun with comfort and style! The Solana is crafted from top quality modal fabric and will look great with a variety of styles.