Announcing Launch of the DRIA cover at ABC Kids Expo

DRIA Cover to be showcased at Las Vegas ABC Kids Expo October 10 -13, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA--(August 11, 2010) - Adria O`Donnell, creator and founder of the DRIA Cover, announces that her new line of versatile fashion nursing ponchos will be launching at the Las Vegas ABC Kids Expo in October 10-13, 2010. The DRIA Cover, a stylish and multifunctional fashion poncho for nursing moms, also doubles as a nursing cover and car seat or stroller cover. The variety of designs includes limited edition fabrics by designers such as Cavalli and Missoni.

O`Donnell will be demonstrating the unique material and design of the DRIA Cover to potential retailers as an exhibitor at the ABC Kids Expo. The design and materials of the DRIA Cover provide additional uses for mothers - a stroller and car seat cover. The two and four-way stretch material of the DRIA Cover allows mom to simply stretch it over any car seat or infant stroller. The stretchy neck hole conveniently exposes the car seat handle for easy and safe gripping access while carrying. The DRIA Cover protects the baby from the elements and harmful rays of the sun. The neck hole allows mom to periodically check on her baby without disturbing a child`s sleep.

"The ABC Kids Expo will be the perfect place to demonstrate the versatility and style of the DRIA Cover. This is something that all moms will appreciate. Everyone I meet who has tried it, absolutely loves it," said O`Donnell.

The DRIA Cover material is soft and breathable, allowing air and mild sunlight to flow freely through, keeping mom and baby more cool and comfortable. The material of existing baby covers is either stiff or basic cotton, which does not breathe or stretch. The DRIA Cover has a fluid and silky feel, which is not only more comfortable, it looks more chic and stylish. The distinctive material used exclusively by DRIA Cover is lightweight, breathable, stretchable, hypoallergenic, and UV protective. A variety of colors and patterns will be featured at the ABC Show for this upcoming fall season and for the spring of 2011. The 2-way stretch designs are $49.95 and the 4-way stretch designs are $59.95. The designs made with designer fabrics, including limited edition prints from Missoni and Cavalli, are $79.95.

Since the DRIA Cover is multifunctional, it replaces the various blankets, nursing covers, and stroller shields that mothers typically tote around every day. Now, moms-on-the-go can more easily consolidate all their baby gear into one convenient and multi-functional item. The flexible material is also wrinkle-free, allowing for it to be crumpled in a ball and tossed in a purse without losing its fashionable look and feel.

About the DRIA Cover:

The DRIA Cover, inspired by beautiful Italian fabric, provides a solution for mothers to feel chic and comfortable while pregnant and nursing. As a practical and elegant maternity cover-up, it continues to be functional after the baby is born.The four-way stretch material and unique design of the DRIA Cover provides ample coverage for a mother to nurse discreetly in public. Other nursing covers have an apron-like design that leaves the mother`s sides and back exposed. The DRIA Cover can be easily thrown on to instantly give full coverage to both the nursing baby and all sides of the mother. For more information, visit:

About ABC Kids Expo:

The ABC Kids Expo is the premier juvenile products specialty show in the nation. With more than 900 exhibitors in over one million square feet of exhibit space, it is currently the fastest growing trade show in the nation and ranks within the 200 largest trade shows in North America. (TSW - Trade Show Week 2005-2009). ABC Kids Expo (All Baby & Child), founded in March, 2003, is a partnership of juvenile industry manufacturers and retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children's products industry.

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