Five Reasons Why the DRIA Cover Beats the Competition

Design - Typical covers have an apron-like design which does not cover the mother's sides or backside. Coverage is crucial. Nursing moms shouldn't have to be tugging and fussing to keep a cover in place. It should be easy to put on and take off. All sides should be covered while allowing mom to easily peak inside at her baby in private. The DRIA Cover is more discreet; functions better and looks great.

Versatility - Apron covers are not versatile and cannot double as car seat or stroller covers. Moms are forced to cram their diaper bags with baby food, toys, diapers, nursing supplies, bibs, blankets and just about anything else that comes to mind. Moms don't have the room for multiple covers. Now, she can have a versatile DRIA Cover that eliminates the need for separate nursing, car seat and stroller covers while having less to carry in the diaper bag. It's the perfect solution.

Comfort - The material of other baby covers is either stiff or basic cotton, which does not breathe or stretch. The 4-way stretch material of the DRIA Cover allows it to fit over any car seat and infant stroller without losing its shape when mom wants to wear it. It is also very fluid and silky which is important for the chic mom on the run.

Convenience - The 4-way stretch material is virtually wrinkle free which allows you to crumple it up in a ball and toss it in your purse or in the under carriage. Most moms are annoyed with toting a bulky diaper bag. With the DRIA Cover, moms can simply leave the house with the DRIA Cover, a few diapers and wipes in their purse and go!

Fashion - The beautiful fabrics and styles are truly a fashion statement. The DRIA Cover promises to turn heads and have people asking, "Where did you get that cover?" Inspired by high end designer materials and prints, the DRIA Cover is beautiful to use for your baby and wear for yourself.

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